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10 Most Golf Majors Winners In Golf | December 2023

You may not think golf to be one of the most exciting sports. However, it calls for a lot of talent and accuracy. The rivalry is even fiercer when it comes to the largest tournaments in the game.

The four major tournaments in golf are:

  • The Masters
  • PGA Championship
  • U.S. Open
  • Open Championship. (Another name is “the British Open”)

Major championship wins are a significant indicator of a golf player’s excellence. Jack Nicklaus planned his entire year to peak for the four major tournaments.

Tiger Woods also did the same. The two best players of the modern era have won the golf majors winners tournaments. But it is evidence of the significance of these competitions. It also shows the effort these two legends put into winning them.

most majors in golff

The best golf players who have ever picked up a club view them as the pinnacles of success in golf and the criteria for greatness.

Let’s see the list of the top golf major winners with the most majors in golf, both past and present, who have the most major wins.

What Are The Golf Majors Winners?

There are four largest and most famous competitions in golf games. They are known as majors. Every professional golf player hopes to compete in and win one of these tournaments. It is because they are the pinnacle of the golf game. Each major has a distinct past and present.

They are all highly prized in the golfing community. These competitions are famous for their difficult golf courses, risky prize money, and elite competition. The majority of golf majors use them as their final test.
Golf majors are considered the biggest golf tournaments.

The four majors in golf are:

1. The Masters

There is an Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. It hosts “The Masters” competition every year. The first major of the year is known as “The Masters.

The winner receives the coveted green jacket. For any golf enthusiast, this tournament is a true classic. It is also a must-attend event. The only major that is played on the same golf course each year is “The Masters.”

2. The U.S. Open

This competition also occurs every year. However, it is held at various golf courses across the country. The U.S. Open is popular for its challenging golf courses. It is also famous for challenging weather conditions. The ability of a golf player is put to the test.

3. The British Open

Another name for this competition is the “Open Championship.” It takes place on a number of British golf courses (not simply St. Andrews) each year. This tournament was originally played in 1860. It may be one of the oldest of the four majors. You will find a long history and tradition behind it.

4. The PGA Championship

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America is in charge of organizing this competition. Don’t you know where is PGA Championship played?

It takes place every year at various golf courses across the country. The PGA Championship is the only major that features club pros who are PGA of America members. It is also a highly coveted title.

Top 10 Golfers With The Most Majors In Golf

Here we are going to discuss the top 10 golfers, most major in golf. We will talk about the best golfer at the end:

  1. Sam Snead – Most Majors in Golf
  2.  Arnold Palmer – Most Majors in Golf
  3.  Gene Sarazen – Most Majors in Golf
  4.  Tom Watson – Most Majors in Golf
  5.  Gary Player – Most Majors in Golf
  6.  Ben Hogan – Most Majors in Golf
  7.  Walter Hagen – Most Majors in Golf
  8.  Bobby Jones – Most Majors in Golf
  9. Tiger Woods – Most Majors in Golf
  10. Jack Nicklaus – Most Majors in Golf

1. Sam Snead

  • 3 Masters victories
  • 3 PGA Championship victories
  • 1 British Open victory

Sam Snead is another golfing legend. He won seven of seven majors in his career. We should include him in the list if we’re talking about golf players with the most major victories. With 82 victories, Snead holds the record for the most PGA Tour wins in history. He was renowned for his fluid swing and astounding precision.

Sam Snead -  golf majors winners

At the 1954 Masters, Snead won his most illustrious major title by famously chipping in from off the green on the last hole to win. Snead is still a fan favorite today. His swing is still regarded as one of the best in the history of the golf game. He is also one of the famous PGA championship winners.

2. Arnold Palmer

  • 1 British Open win
  • 4 Masters victories
Arnold Palmer golfer

Arnold Palmer has a devoted following known as “Arnie’s Army.” You can call him one of the best golfers of all time. In his professional career, Palmer won seven major titles. They include 4 Masters and one British Open title. He was also well-known for his aggressive playing style.

His endearing nature has made him popular. He is still one of the most well-liked athletes today. Palmer was also a trailblazer in the golf industry.

3. Gene Sarazen

  • 3 PGA Championships
  • 3 U.S. Open victories
  • 1 British Open victory

He remained one of the winners of the British Open. With a total of seven titles under his belt, Gene Sarazen is also one of the best golf players. Sarazen is renowned for his creative play. He had the capacity to make crucial shots when it counted.

Gene Sarazen

At the 1935 Masters, he famously hit the “shot heard round the world.” It was a hole-in-one on the par-3. After the 15th hole, Sarazen captured his most illustrious major triumph.

He also popularized the modern sand wedge. He promoted golf to a larger audience. Hence, Sarazen’s influence on the golf game is still felt today.

4. Tom Watson

  • 2 Masters championships
  • 5 British Open victories
Tom Watson golfer

Tom Watson was once among the top golfers in the world. However, he may not be well-known to many modern golf fans. In his career, Watson won eight major championships. They include two Masters and five British Open crowns. He is a golfer with the most major victories at a young age.

His last major triumph came in 1983 when he was 33 years old. Watson was renowned for his sportsmanship. He had much respect for the game. His graciousness off the golf course was the only thing that could compare to his accomplishment on the course.

5. Gary Player

  • 3 PGA Championships
  • 3 British Opens
  • 3 Masters victories
Gary Player

He is a golfing great from South Africa. Gary Player won nine majors in his career. He is renowned for his unwavering work ethic and dedication to health. Many fans find him to be one of the best golfers with the most major championship victories.

He is also the first non-American player to win each of the four major titles. He also continued to be the only non-American player in history to have won the PGA Championship, British Open, U.S. Open, and Masters.

6. Ben Hogan

  • 3 PGA Championships
  • 2 Masters
  • 4 U.S. Open victories

He is another golfing legend who finished his career with nine major championships. Ben Hogan also holds the record for most major championship victories in golf.

He was renowned for his accurate shot-making and mental fortitude on the golf course. At the 1950 U.S. Open, he famously fired a final-round 67 to win by four strokes.

Ben Hogan golfer

Hogan won his most illustrious major championship in 1950. Hogan’s influence on the game of golf continues to this day. It is because many golfers all over the world continue to study and admire his swing mechanics and practice regimens.

7. Walter Hagen

  • 4 British Open victories
  • 5 Consecutive PGA Championships
  • 2 U.S. Open victories

He is one of the golf’s first real superstars. Walter Hagen won 11 major tournaments throughout his career. Hagen is still regarded as one of the most well-liked players in history, with the most major championship victories.

Walter Hagen

He was noted for his flamboyant demeanor and overpowering play on the course. He competed in the historical period and won his first major in 1914. His last major win was in 1927. It was a time when golf was not as well-known or popular as it is today.

Hence, Hagen’s accomplishment is astounding. He was renowned for his competitive nature, as evidenced by his famous quote, “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t stress, and don’t rush. And don’t forget to inhale the aroma of the flowers along the way.

8. Bobby Jones

  • 4 U.S. Open title
  • 3 British Open titles
  • 5 U.S. Open titles
  • 1 British Open title

Bobby Jones founded the “Masters Tournament.” But he was also a very accomplished golfer. This is possibly his most well-known accomplishment.

Over the course of his golf career, Jones won 13 major titles. They also include five U.S. These competitions were regarded as the majors when he played. Hence, his statistics deserve an asterisk.

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones didn’t engage in any professional sports. At age 28, he ended his career as a professional golfer. But his reputation as one of the game’s all-time greats still endures.

Jones solely played as an amateur. He is also recognized as one of the finest amateur golfers with the most major victories. He won 13 major championships.

9. Tiger Woods

  • 3 U.S. Open titles
  • 3 British Open titles
  • 4 PGA Championship titles
  • 5 Masters titles

There is no need to introduce Tiger Woods. It is because he is arguably the most well-known golfer in the world. He has won 15 major events in his career.

They include 4 PGA events and 5 Masters victories. He is renowned for his extraordinary talent and ferocious competitiveness. He is also regarded as one of the finest players with the most major championship victories.

Tiger Woods

With 14 of his 15 major championship victories by the age of 32, Woods has dominated the sport like few others. It is impossible to overstate his influence on golf. It is because he has played a significant role in raising the game’s profile and appeal.

10. Jack Nicklaus

  • 4 U.S. Open victories
  • 6 Masters victories
  • 5 PGA Championship victories
  • 3 British Open victories

Jack Nicklaus is one of the greatest golfers with the most major championship victories. His collection of major titles is proof of why he is known as the “Golden Bear” for a reason.

You must read about Jack Nicklaus’s record in majors. He is regarded as the all-time greatest golf player by the majority of major championships.

Jack Nicklaus

Throughout his career, Nicklaus won an astounding 18 major championships. They include 5 PGA Championships and 6 Masters victories. He is the all-time leader in major victories. He was renowned for his consistent play and capacity to finish out competitions.

Most Golf Majors Winners in Golf


Tiger Woods created the term “Tiger Slam” by simultaneously holding all four major championships. However, no one has ever managed to win all four majors in a single year. During the course of their careers, 5 top players have each won a major.

Here is a list of golf players who have achieved a career grand slam:

  • Jack Nicklaus (at least 3 victories in each major)
  • Tiger Woods (at least 3 major championship victories)
  • Hogan, Ben
  • Kevin Player
  • Sarazen, Gene

We have described details about golfers who have won the most majors in golf during their careers. They had enough talent to become leaders in this game. You can read their game techniques to learn how to play a good game.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 5 golfers who have won all four majors in their golfing career. They are:

  • Gene Sarazen
  • Ben Hogan
  • Gary Player
  • Jack Nicklaus
  • Tiger Woods

They have ever won all four of golf’s modern majors at any point in their careers. There is a term for this known as a “Golf Grand Slam”. Both Woods and Nicklaus have at least three victories in each of the four majors.

9 golfers ended their competitive careers with victories in three of the four majors. They fell one short of the “Career Grand Slam”. The Masters didn’t make its debut until 1934. So, in some early instances, the fourth professional major wasn’t even available for them to win.

Many people believe Annika to be the best female golfer of all time. She altered the way women’s golf was played, perceived, and covered during her 15-year Hall of Fame career. She also won several accolades and rewrote the LPGA and Ladies European Tour record books.

Jack Nicklaus is the greatest male golfer of all time. He is known as the “Golden Bear.” He is, without a doubt, the best golfer in the entire world. He has won 18 Major Championships.

These are the most victories that any player can achieve. He has also won 73 PGA Tour victories. Tiger Woods (15 Majors) is the only other golfer who frequently receives comparisons to Mr. Nicklaus.

Tiger Woods has the most PGA tour wins. Tiger Woods and Sam Snead share the record for most wins on the PGA TOUR with 82 triumphs overall.

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