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How To Drive A Golf Ball Better? January 2024

When your driver isn’t performing according to your needs, a round of golf may not be easy. It will either be effortless or incredibly difficult. Do you know the average driving distance for amateur golf players according to the R&A and USGA? It is only 216 yards.

However, you should understand what to concentrate on to increase this average driving distance.

How to drive a golf ball better

Many golf players don’t know how to drive a golf ball better. You should be ready to learn to drive a golf ball more consistently. You will also learn how to drive the ball further and straighter.

Our guide today will also share with players of all skill levels our 7 favorite tips. These techniques will help you make straight and powerful drives. You can also use these tips to frighten playing companions throughout the years.

Before we begin, we feel that amateur players should understand why it is so challenging for most golfers to hit the driver with the same consistency and accuracy as they hit the other clubs in their golf bag.

After our guidance, you must stay around for a few more nuggets of wisdom. We also provide the solutions to the most often frequently asked questions.

What Makes a Driver Hard to Hit as Compared to Other Clubs?

The driver has the biggest club head. Therefore, it can’t be the simplest to hit. The majority of golf players have suggested this.

The following are a few things that make it significantly harder to hit a driver than other clubs:

  • The loft of your driver is the lowest of any club in your bag.
  • Compared to your irons, drivers are longer clubs.

Let’s consider that the standard length of a driver is around 45.5 inches. It is compared to the usual length of a sand wedge which is 35.25 inches. There is a difference of around 10 inches.

Thus, you can understand very simply why a driver is inherently harder to control for a golfer. You may also understand why it is harder to swing with good mechanics and the same GOLF swing path as your shorter irons.

Moreover, you can have an idea why it is difficult to avoid swinging faster or with a quicker tempo than your other clubs when you combine the enormous length of a driver shaft with the fact that it has very little loft.

Let’s discuss different tips to hit a ball better with the driver.

How To Drive a Golf Ball Better?

The following are important tips about how to drive a golf ball straight.

1. Determine The Perfect Position of a Golf Ball

The best ball position in golf is between the splitting leading heel and the inside leading heel. It is the ideal ball position. Teeing the golf ball up at the best spot in your golf stance is an important first step a player may take toward a great game setup when using the driver.

Determine The Perfect Position of a Golf Ball

The optimal position for a driver in the stance is where the golf ball sits. Some golfers may have the ball teed too far back in their stance (in the middle or closer to the back foot).

They may find it very difficult to square the club face at impact. Thus, it leads to shots with open club faces. They spin a lot and lose a lot of distance.

2. Determine Your Perfect TEE Shot Height

There are many golf players who struggle with their driver. They should be grateful that even though golf tees have been around since the late 1800s. Tiger Woods had mentioned many times how the tees were a lot shorter when he was growing up.

However, he learned how to smash a driver high and low. He used to say that it was much more difficult than it is now.

Determine Your Perfect TEE Shot Height

Moreover, there are some golfers who struggle with weak fades. They also don’t know how to deal with a lower golf ball flight. They can quickly better their game through various experiments.

They can experiment with teeing the golf ball up around half a ball higher with each swing until they get the desired results. It is a fact that many players don’t take their teeing tricks seriously.

They use varied heights each time they hit their driver. It may add more challenges to an already challenging weapon.

3. Experimentation is Necessary as the Width of the Stance is Very Personal

Do you know about a “wide stance” with a driver? It is typically defined as one in which the feet of a player are significantly wider than their shoulders.

Similarly, a “narrow stance” is one in which the feet of a golfer are about the same width as their shoulders. Rory McIlroy is one of the best ball drivers in history. It has a fairly wide stance when hitting the driver.

According to a player, “When my stance became too broad in comparison to the other clubs in my bag, I used to have trouble with the driver.

In reality, the unusually wide and stable foundation prevented me from doing a shoulder turn as much as I had anticipated.” With a good golf stance, you can hit and drive a golf ball better.

4. Increase Shoulder TILT

You must increase shoulder tilt. It is important for extra height. You can do it by changing the launch angle. It is one of the most distinctive aspects of swinging a driver as compared to every other club that you have in the bag.

Another name for “shoulder tilt” is “spine tilt.” Other clubs (aside from your putter) may also have more loft as compared to your driver.

Increase Shoulder TILT

Therefore, they can also fly in the air on their own. You can make them fly with your standard stance and swing. With the golf driver, a small tilt can naturally shift the swing path to connect with the ball on the “upswing.” It also increases the launch angle and loft for greater height.

It can also help you achieve greater carry distance. However, you shouldn’t overdo it with the shoulder tilt. It is because it will make it harder for a golfer to keep the club head on the path. It will also result in a two-way miss (both right and left shoulder).

5. Verify The Position of The Shoulders

Many golf players don’t have an accurate aim, and it is a common issue among them.  As a golf player, “ALWAYS CHECK ALIGNMENT AS IT IS A MUST.”  There are some fundamental points that need your attention.

For instance, it is necessary to pay attention to where your feet, hips, and shoulders are pointing. They are very easy to ignore while worrying about your swing mechanics and swing path.

As a learner golf player, you may also hear the instruction, “Make sure your feet are parallel to your target line.”

Verify The Position of The Shoulders

This is unquestionably true. However, it is more crucial to ensure that your shoulders are facing parallel to your planned goal line. Your golf ball’s final resting position and how much it will curve in the air depends on where your shoulders point.

You must also address the foot angle. Right-handed golfers naturally add slice golf spin to the golf ball. They do this by pointing their shoulders left of the target. It reduces their ability to produce a full turn.

As a result, it forces their club path over the top. You can also have a better chance to do the reverse and give your golf ball a draw spin when you point your shoulders to the right of your target.

You may also try placing an alignment stick across your left and right shoulders. It can help you to align your body and to drive a golf ball better.

6. Slightly Turn Your Feet Outward

Both of your hips can also make larger revolutions during the backswing. They may follow through for greater power by slightly turning your feet outwards as you establish your stance during the first setup to hit a driver.

If you give it some thought, it seems to sense that having your feet pointed in the direction you want to travel will make turning much simpler.

7. Tempo And Slow Takeaway During The Backswing

A driver is by far the longest club in everyone’s bag. Many players naturally produce longer swings with this longer profile club. It can produce quicker swings as compared to other clubs.

You should try to slow down your backswing. You must also increase the speed and force of your follow-through if you have trouble making consistent contact. The majority of golf players have a “smooth swing.” They actually have the ideal tempo to drive a golf ball better and accurately.

Bonus Driving Tips

Alternate Between Your Favorite Club And Driver On The Range

Do you feel shaky when you swing the driver and at the same time adore another club? We detest the sensation. We are also glad because we have discovered a solution. Hit a few golf balls with a club that feels nice.

You can do it to carry that sensation over to your driver’s swing. After that, you must switch and hit a driver. The nice vibes from your favorite club will ultimately transfer to your driver’s swing if the golfer continues doing this. You must give it a try.

Try This Tip If You Want To Make Longer Golf Drives

Do you know a favorite thing to try when you are having trouble hitting the driver straight? It is swinging as gently as you can. You must gradually increase your swing speed with each subsequent swing. It will push you to concentrate on trying to make center contact.

Make Longer Golf Drives

It is, and a slow swing and a poor club-face connection will produce an unattractive and crooked golf ball flight. Your swing path should be straight. It should also be well on your way to hitting the driver straight at your maximum swing speed and driving a golf ball better.

Are You Uneasy On The First Tee? You Must Try Tiger Woods’ Go-To Move

Tiger Woods is a great player of habit and regularity. Since he was a youngster, he has basically followed the same pre-round warm-up routine. He attributes much of his success to his practice regimen and structure.

You should not feel embarrassed when you experience “first tee jitters.” Many golfers experience it but in the end, they become able to drive a golf ball better and accurately.

Tiger has created a well-kept secret technique. It can help you when you experience tee jitters. You must decide what club you’ll use off the first tee before you head to the driving range.

After that, you must identify the club you will hit with 100% accuracy by consulting your scorecard or an online course map if you have never played the course.

Hopefully, you have learned to drive a golf ball better and play accurate golf shots.

You can also check the best golf shoes and best golf bags.


This concludes our advice on how to drive a golf ball better. Have you got any fresh information from this guide? Driving a golf ball 300 yards or more can be difficult. However, it is never impossible. Golfers have to put in a significant amount of effort and endurance to achieve this.

Before you know it, you’ll be beating other players while making all kinds of golf shots, scoring significant victories. Before moving to the golf course, you should try it on the driving range.

Moreover, In order to analyze each stance, you may also swing and strike during practice. You must try to record yourself. You’ll also be able to identify your weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. We have described several golf tips that you can try to drive a golf ball better.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average driving distance for all tour pros as of the end of the 2022 PGA Tour season is 299.8 yards.

  • Cameron Champ, the longest PGA Tour professional, averages 321.4 yards with his driver.
  • Brian Stuard, the PGA Tour’s shortest player, averages 277.4 yards with his driver.

For a lot of golf players, a constant slice is disastrous. They can:

  • Surprising
  • Lose a lot of distance
  • Increase tension at the tee.

For your convenience, there is a “How to Fix a Slice tutorial.” It will put a stop to it immediately. You may also consider looking at our list of the “Best Drivers for Slice 2023” if you’ve already tried everything we recommended in that breakdown.

The major reason behind this is an “incorrect Loft.” You will find it difficult to consistently launch your shots if the loft on your clubface is less than the speed of your clubhead.

Thus, you may reduce your carry and overall distance off the tee. In contrast, players with a faster driver club head speed could produce too much spin with a weaker lofted club face.

For a straight shot, professional golf trainers advise keeping your eyes fixed on the rear of the golf ball throughout your swing. It will aid you in visualizing the path of the clubface through impact and the planned golf ball flight that follows.

However, it cannot guarantee a straight shot and help you to drive a golf ball better.

A right-handed golfer should hold the golf club with your ‘lead’ hand on top and your trail hand immediately below. Your lead hand’s grip should extend down your fingers and palm, and the palm of your trail hand should rest just on top of it. This is a decent grip to drive a golf ball better.

To drive a golf ball straight constantly, maintain a proper grip, station, and alignment. Focus on a controlled swing with a square clubface, balanced weight distribution, and regular practice for perfection.

To drive a golf ball further, concentrate on an important hipsterism and torso gyration, optimize clubhead speed, and ensure a solid connection with the ball. harmonious practice and the proper outfit also help.

For newcomers, learn golf basics by gripping the club rightly, aligning your station with the target, and fastening on a smooth, controlled swing. Exercise gradationally to make thickness and delicacy.

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