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9 Best Tips To Improve Your Long Game | December 2023

In order to get the golf ball where you need it to go and to the putting green, the long golf game is all about distance and power. The fairway shot, drive, and approach shot are the three parts that make it up. In this article, you will find out ” How to Improve your long game golf “

The golf ball is placed on the tee for the drive. It is the opening shot. The aim of the drive is to propel the golf ball as far down the fairway as possible.

In order to get your ball on the green, you must travel a good distance. You must also stay clear of any dangers like water, sand, or other hazards. Distance is not an issue here because the approach shot marks the conclusion of the long golf game and the start of the short game.

Finesse is crucial for a long golf game. It is because you need to take the slope of the green and other dangers into consideration.

We discussed some of the important tips to improve your long-game golf.

Improve Your Long Game – 9 Ways

The following are important tips that you may consider for your long game of golf:

1. Focus On The Golf Ball, Not The Destination

You must maintain your attention on the golf ball during each of these strokes rather than the landing area. It must remain the main focus, even though it’s necessary to choose where you want the golf ball to fall. You also have to aim in that direction and take wind and other dangers into mind.

The mistake that many golf players commit is to concentrate on the endpoint. You should have chosen your target location and lined up your body to get the golf ball there before you hit it. Hence, all you need to think about is the golf ball itself.

By doing this you can improve your long game golf and get the best results.

Focus On The Golf Ball

2. Setting Up Position

It is time to set up for the shot once you have chosen your position. Before setting up, you need to consider the wind, the slope of the green, and any other potential hazards. It is also critical to get this right.

According to Jack Nicklaus, the quality of the swing will depend 80% on the planning of players and 20% on how well they execute it. Keep in mind that your entire body, not just your hands or arms, is what gives the swing its direction and strength.

You have to keep your elbow tight to your hip. Your lead foot should be anchored to force your entire body to turn when you swing and follow through in the direction you want the golf ball to go. Hence, it can maximize the power in your body and improve your long-game golf.

3. Maintain a Loose Grip

Too firm a grip on the club may prevent golfers from using their entire body to drive the golf ball. Not a tight clutch, but a firm grip is what golfers may desire. Their body may drive the shot with a looser grip.

It is because their hands are only holding the club in place. Golf players may relax the muscles in their fingers and forearms to improve the release of their swing.

4. Rotate Your Hips

Golfers can engage their core muscles by carefully moving their hips on the downswing. The drive will be further and more potent due to the increased club head speed.

Players have to make a quick and controlled backswing to improve power and distance. When the club comes back, their hands should be parallel to their shoulders.

4. Follow Through By Lifting Your Foot Late

Before you swing, it is crucial to place your right foot for right-handed players and your left foot for left-handed players behind the golf ball. Your foot should remain on the ground as much as you can during the follow-through.

It is important until the club makes contact with the golf ball. It will also enable you to swing farther since the energy of your body is kept concentrated. If your foot lifts off the ground too soon, your shot will travel less distance.

5. Keep Your Head Down

Although it is normal to know how your shot is going and where it’s headed, many golf players get into problems by lifting their heads too soon. After you’ve struck the golf ball, you must try to keep your head down for one second.

Keep your Head down

It will also make you concentrate on how the club connected with the golf ball. Hence, it will also help you hit the stroke more accurately. this will improve your long-game golf.

6. Don’t Rush The Shot

You have to take a few deep breaths and picture the shot before you take it. It helps you prevent tenseness and a missed shot. Both your body and mind should be relaxed. The idea that the golf ball would travel farther if you hit it harder is a frequent misunderstanding.

Thus, you need to focus on regulating your swing. You also need to let the club do the work. You’ll get greater results concentrating on the center of the golf ball. Hence, it would be best if you controlled your swing rather than increase the force of your swing.

You can gradually up the power once you have mastered a controlled swing.

Don't Rush The Shot

By following these tips you can improve your long game in golf and you can be a great golfer in the future.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

Like anything else, regular practice will help you get the best results in your golf and improve your long-game golf. You also need to frequently practice and play golf to improve your game. You should also have a definite goal in your mind before you begin practicing golf. It is important that your game is purposeful.

It will also help you be focused on what you want to achieve. Use your local golf pro to your advantage and receive some tailored advice for your game. You may also visit a driving range and observe what other players are doing while also honing your own swing, posture, and follow-through.

You will also have a better chance of refining your swing if you comprehend its mechanics. Hence, you can reduce the number of misses you make and increase the proportion of shots you make correctly by practicing.

Practice, practice, and practice can improve your long game golf. By following these tips, you can improve your long-game golf and be perfect in your long short.

8. Be Confident And Have Fun

Most importantly, let go of the strain you put on yourself and simply enjoy your game. You also have to be confident in your golf abilities. You must take pleasure in your time on the golf course.

It is because once you release the strain of hitting a perfect fairway drive, your swing will improve. Your long game will be more successful if you focus on every little detail. Your confidence will be high if your long game is on point. Hence, it will also help your short game as well as improve your long game.


Golfers should continue to look for new ways to improve their games. We have explained various tips that can help you improve your long golf game. These long-game tips are tried and shared by experts. The best suggestion is that you should continuously practice.

Your practice will determine your golf-playing abilities. You may not be able to reach the desired level of game accuracy without proper practice. Hence, you may try the tips described here while practicing. They can help you to improve your long golf game.

Hopefully, you will find our article “9 Best Tips To Improve Your Long Game” useful to improve your long game in golf.

Frequently Asked Questions

To routinely break 80, golfers must be able to play high-lofted shots with some control. They should occasionally chip the golf ball to within a few feet of the hole and make a few putts from within 15 feet. Most importantly, they should know how to bounce back from terrible shots. These are important suggestions to help you break 80 every time.

The category of golf shots made from the tee box or wherever far from the green is referred to as the “long game.” Shots that are made more than 100 yards from the green are typically categorized as long-game shots.

The Long golfer plays all shots of 150 yards and more. However, the Short golfer plays all the shots inside 150 yards.

We are talking about genuinely putting your golf game first and treating it as such. The typical tour professional devotes three to four hours each day to working on their full swing. They also give a comparable amount of time to their short game. However, tour professionals don’t just bash balls or throw putts aimlessly.

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