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How To Improve The Distance Golf Drivers | January 2024

The golf ball is perhaps the most difficult object in the world to hit. While you are probably able to get close to your target with enough practice and even feel comfortable getting into the right position on the green, there is always the potential for error. so you need to understand how to improve distance golf drivers.

Given this, it is not surprising that golfers make a lot of different mistakes every time they play. As a result, there is almost an entire golfing industry devoted to improving distance on a drive.

distance golf driver

This article will highlight some of the many tips and tricks you can use to get more distance on your golf drive and also help you improve your game during the game as a whole.

Follow these steps to improve your distance golf drivers.

Strokes Gained Approaches For Distance Golf Drivers

Strokes gained approaches are the quickest shots in the golf ball. Although most golfers will try to gain as many strokes as possible on their approach shots, there is actually a trade-off between the speed and accuracy of the approach and the distance reached on the real estate.

Strokes Gained Approaches For Distance Golf Drivers

A stroke-gained approach will often be shorter (usually in the 7-9’s) than a natural approach because the golfer is aiming to hit the ball as close to the ground as possible. Strokes gained approaches are one of the most popular shots on the golf course and are also what we call “short”.

In other words, a Stroke gained approach will usually be a very short drive in most cases.

To compensate for this, most golfers will resort to keeping their swings in check.

While it is important to keep your swings in check during normal play, it is counterproductive to try to soar away with the ball after each shot. Instead, slow down your movements so that you are maintaining a more consistent speed as you rotate your body.

Don’t Play Too Quickly

As we mentioned above, Strokes gained putting is a popular approach to the golf ball. However, it is not the best way to go about your golf drive. In many cases, your first two or three putts will be very little more than a ripple on the golf course.

To compensate for this, you should try to play the golf ball a little closer to you as you approach the green. This will help to slow your body as you rotate your shoulders to get your head closer to the ball. Also, you can check some golf exercises here

As soon as you get the feel for this, you can switch to the other approach and see how it works better.

distance drive

Strokes Gained

As we mentioned above, the Strokes gained approach is the quickest of all the shots on the golf course. You should try to gain as many strokes as possible on your approach shots to help get more distance on the drive.

This also includes your 4th and 5th putts as they are not as important to the play as they are to your destination.

Putts 4

As we mentioned above, the putts are the most important part of the golf ball. They are also the most difficult to make regularly. As soon as you get a little bit used to putting the ball into position for a shot, it will feel much easier.

This is just one of the many things that will help you improve as a golf player and distance golf driver.

Practice Trajectories

Practicing different shots in different directions and at different angles will help you to get more use out of the shot and create more variety in your game. If you always try to hit the ball straight down the center of the green, you will be greatly disappointed.

Practice Trajectories

There will always be shots that miss due to misdirection, a short flight of feet, or a misfired shot. To compensate for this, try to turn your back on the ball as you are striking to get a more consistent swing.

This will help you to create more of a “wing” on the ball as well as help to get more distance on the shot.

Goal Setters

It is always a good idea to set and maintain goals for yourself that will help you to progress as a player and help you gain strength and confidence as well. The most important goal you can set is to become a better player.

As we mentioned above, there are many ways to improve the distance on a golf drive and there are many ways to do it both in the golf shop and at the club. To get better at the shot, it is always a good idea to try new things and to try different launches and approaches to improve distance golf drivers.

This is especially true for the younger players who are often beginners. To become a better player, you need to develop your shot to its full potential.

How Far Should You Stand Away From The Golf Ball With A Driver?

If you want to become a better player, you need to understand the difference between a normal golf ball and a golf ball with special fly ball technology. The normal golf ball is not meant for play on open greens.

The special fly ball is made to be thrown at the tops of trees and other challenges that may occur on these greens. The golf ball with the special fly ball is meant for challenges such as the golf Drive, the Par 4, and the Pro Area.

You can follow these tips to improve your distance golf drivers and can play good shots in the proper ways.


To become a better golfer, you need to pick up a few simple tips and apply them to your drive. Here are some tips to improve the distance on a drive. First of all, play a little bit closer to the golf ball, as this will help you to get more strokes down the wrong yard line.

Next, try to get more shots in your range, as this will help you to get more distance on your shots. Finally, try to get more strokes into your shot each time you hit the ball, as this will help you to get more shots on the green and create more variety in your shots. Let’s get started!

Hopefully, you will find this article useful for improving the distance golf drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are important techniques to increase the pace and range of your swing:

  • Use a light shaft and avoid using a heavy shaft. A golf club that is too heavy is one of the major detriments to clubhead speed
  • A golfer should develop muscles
  • Make use of a lighter shaft
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Modify your grip
  • Make use of a lengthier club
  • Cut the length of your backswing
  • Use clubs that increase speed

When golfers exert too much effort throughout their swing, they normally experience diminishing returns. It means that as they swing harder, the quality of their ball hitting and even their raw distance actually degrade. Keep in mind that the club only has to be traveling quickly when it makes contact with the golf ball.

Your driving distance can be increased by about 3 yards for every additional 1 mph in swing speed. The highest club head speed ever recorded on the PGA Tour is currently 138 mph (Bryson Dechambeau, 2021 season), while the best was 127 mph in 2010 (Bubba Watson; notice that Bubba’s 2021 best is 123 mph).

Allow gravity to lower the club’s weight on the downswing before accelerating the golf club into and well beyond the impact zone at the bottom of the swing arc. It is just like how quickly a roller coaster accelerates. Slowing down your takeout is the first step to increasing your rate of acceleration.

It is conceivable to complete 300-yard drives with a swing speed of just around 105 MPH only if everything else is going your way. A launch angle between 12 and 15 degrees ensures that your golf ball doesn’t launch too high or too low. Hence, it will limit its maximum distance.

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