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Best Tips For Three Quarter Golf Swing For Senior | Jan 2024

The swing is one of the most core exercises for anyone who plays golf. It’s essential in getting a good club face and keeping your balance while putting ting. But, like every other exercise, it can Veteran’s leave their swings way too early or left-handed.

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That’s why we developed the three quarter golf swing – a gentle yet powerful workout that can be used at any age

The quarter golf swing is a great way to strengthen your legs, lower back, and glutes as well as your arm strength. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore how the quarter golf swing helps older golfers!

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Three-Quarter Golf Swing

3/4 golf swing for seniors and 3/4 golf swing distance are the best way to improve your golf. Read and get the best tips about three-quarter golf swings and the benefits of 3/4 golf swings.

What is a Quarter Golf Swing?

A Three-quarters golf swing is a gentle yet powerful workout that can be used at any age. It’s similar to the way you should perform a full swing, with less impact on your back and joints. But, in this case, you alternate your two hands with your feet.

Your hands are not on the ground, but your feet are. This means your trunk is lower, your spine is higher and your breathing is faster.

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Why Are You Getting Ready For The Three Quarter Golf Swing?

  • To build muscle and lose weight: The more regular your workout, the easier it will be to build muscle and lose weight. This is especially important during the winter months when your body is trying to break down and store up.
  • To avoid injury: There is no need to be ready to do every exercise on your list before starting. You can always try one or two workouts in a row before making an official plan.
  • To improve your stroke: The farther you move the ball, the easier it is for your stroke to develop.
  • To get more ball flight, you can also try a spin putt or two shots DirectX golfers can expect to hit a higher percentage putt than people not yet out of high school.

How To Perform The Three-Quarter Golf Swing?

The basic elements of the quarter golf swing are the same as in a full swing:

Your right hand, your foot, and your body. But, instead of working your back, you are working for your hands.

With your left hand, you are throwing the string of your golf club toward the sky. Your feet are shoulder-width apart, and you are keeping your body Lispy

Not aiming because you want to land directly on your feet, but because it’s the most effective way to swing the club.

Golf swing

Benefits of The Quarter Golf Swing Improved Golf Score

The more regular your workout, the easier it will be for your golf score to grow. When you get a good body momentum going, the ball will fly much further from you.

This will make your golf swing more efficient, which will help you score more Putt-a-Long golfers will be able to get closer to their shots Putt-a-Long bats will have a smoother stroke due to reduced stress on the backswing muscles of the backswing body Increased fitness:

Benefits of a 3/4 Golf Swing

The more often you do the three-quarter golf swing, the easier it will be for your body to adapt to the new way of putting. This means that you’ll be working harder every day, but it will also help your body’s rate of repair and strength. The benefits of a 3/4 Golf Swing are given below in detail:

  • Keep your balance: You are trying to keep your balance when you are doing the quarter golf swing. You are aiming to have your right foot on the concrete, your left foot on the asphalt, and your right leg positioned in front of you to help form the trajectory of your ball. While doing the quarter golf swing, you are simultaneously aiming to keep your left knee from hurting.
  • Use your opposite hand to steady yourself: If you are using a straight-leg swinging motion, you are aiming to keep your left knee from hurting, While doing the quarter golf swing, you must also use your opposite hand to steady yourself. This is because once you begin to putt, you will want to keep moving that ball around for as long as possible.
  • Do not rely on your left leg to support you: The more regular your workout, the easier it will be for your body to adjust to the new way of putting. However, this should be done with the left foot instead, as it’s easier to put it with both hands than one.

Workouts For Seniors With The Three-Quarter Golf Swing

This is a great way to build toned muscles and lose weight. The only thing you have to do is to do one or two sets of each exercise shown in the video and you will see results. Do not miss out on this! It is one of the best options for seniors looking to get back in the swing of things.

Can you do the three-quarter golf swing alone or with a group? Do try to do the quarter golf swing with a group, it’s a lot more fun! But, you should probably be at least a couple of people in the group to make the workout more challenging.

Remember To Drink Plenty Of Water Before Your Session!

Before you begin any exercise, you should drink at least two glasses of water after a stressful day. This will help your body keep from getting too hot and allow you to chill a little bit before you begin. Also, drinking water will help your body stay hydrated if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Whether you’re doing it for fitness, relaxation, or both, the quarter golf swing is one of life’s best exercises


To master the three-quarter golf swing, a golfer needs to practice a lot. My Trackman can help golf players see their distances after each shot. They can get a sense of how different distances “feel”.

Golfers who do not have access to a Trackman for wedge shot practice can locate a target at the driving range that is 70 to 90 yards away. They practice three-quarter swings hitting the front, center, and back of that green to imitate various pin placements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know what it does mean when a golf player says, “I’m laying three,” “I’m laying two,” or “I lay four?” They are indicating by these words that they have used three, two, or four strokes on that hole.

On our 3G swing, the group works together to lift one person wearing a harness as high or as low as they wish. The participants will pull the ripcord when they are ready to unleash themselves.

They can also experience the G-force as they swing back and forth. This choice-based challenge activity is thrilling.

The estimated time for completion of a par-4 hole for a golf specialist is four strokes. Because of this, the scoring phrase for completing a hole in four strokes depends on the hole’s par. A 4 is considered a bogey (1-over par) on a par-3 hole.

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