What is Birdie in Golf

What Is A Birdie In Golf? December 2023

You can be a novice or an average golfer if you are unaware of the scoring system. Don’t you know what is a birdie in golf? In golf, a birdie is a score. It is one stroke lower than the score you require for the hole.

It is a fact even for pros, getting a birdie is challenging. Golf players of all levels should understand the phrase “birdie.” However, we should know how the phrase came into existence and who began it.

birdie in golf

As a golf player, you should understand the definition and proper usage of this idiomatic phrase. It is essential if you want to enhance your game on any nearby golf courses. This article delves more deeply into the origins and significance of the golf slang term “birdie.”

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What Is A Birdie In Golf? 

First of all, we should know the definition of a birdie to understand the right concept. You have scored a birdie if you have fallen one stroke short of the course’s par on any particular number of golf course holes.

Any individual golf hole could be a great place for a golf player to get a birdie. Birdies can be hard as hell, very common, or practically unattainable.

It depends on the difficulty level of a particular golf course. It also depends on the number of strokes per golf round that constitutes your “par” for that particular golf course. You must understand the “golf par.” It is a straightforward method to grasp the fundamentals of golf terms for scoring.

What Is Par In Golf?

The golf term “par” refers to the number of strokes a highly skilled golf player should use on each given hole. Golf players adopt this approach for keeping track of their scores. It will be even par if a golf player begins the round with two pars.

What Is Par In Golf?

It will count as being under par for the golf round if a golf player starts off with two consecutive birdies.

Scoring birdie in golf can be significantly more common as compared to scoring an albatross or eagle on a golf course with a “par” of 70 strokes. Golf players will not have enough possibilities for shooting a birdie in golf throughout their round if their golfing par for the golf course has been established as being over 100.

Where Does The Word “Birdie” Come From In Golf?

The word “birdie” is a derivative of the American slang word “bird.” It mostly denotes anything nice or fantastic. There are various theories as to where the name originally came into existence.

The match at “Atlantic City Country Club in New Jersey in 1903” is the most famous reminder of when and how this term was introduced to golf.

In order to commemorate its origin, a plague was constructed nearby in reality.

The History Behind The Birdie In Golf

Let’s take a look into the past to better grasp what it means to score a birdie in golf. According to popular opinion, this phrase has its origins in traditional American slang.

Many people use this term commonly to refer to anything as “bird” when it is remarkable or exceptional. In the 19th century, people started using this phrase as an equivalent to the word “cool.

The Birdie In Golf

” According to H.B. Martin’s “Fifty Years of American Golf,” two brothers, William P. Smith and AB Smith were playing a round of golf game in Atlantic City in 1899. Their friend George Crump was also playing with them. On a par-4 hole in golf, AB Smith played a perfect second shot. It came within six inches of the hole.

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 “That was a bird of a shot, I suggest that when one of us plays a hole in under par, he receives double compensation“.

Both his brother and a friend concurred, AB Smith made the putt and made all subsequent golf scores of one under par a “birdie.” According to them, the rest is history.

The golf game between the brothers, which took place at the Atlantic City Country Club, dates back to 1903. The club had a plaque to honor this fact. However, there are varying opinions about the golf terms for scoring. Some people believe that the term “birdie” dates back even further than 1899.

However, there isn’t much evidence to support this theory. The myth that the Smith brothers came up with the name when they were playing golf is believed to be correct by the majority of golf historians.

Calculating Your Birdie

Do you want to determine your golf par and your birdie based on most golf courses? You can use the methods below:

  • Golfers should learn the par they need to shoot for when playing (four in most circumstances).
  • If everyone else played their best on every hole, the golf score could be four shots over par.
  • If golf players shoot better as compared to their par, they are scoring better as compared to normal golfers.
  • However, if golfers shoot worse than their par, they may be shooting above par. Hence, it indicates they are shooting higher than predicted. It may be an albatross.

However, golf players will be content scoring their birdies. A golf player should be able to get a score of two under on golf courses with a par of 70 (or even). He should get a score of two under par by taking 27 strokes. Thus, they can complete 36 golf holes or 18 strokes to complete nine holes.

Your Birdie

If you’ve managed to make four-par.

If you’ve managed to make four pars and are calculating your overall score, add one-and-a-half times the number of pars. It is because it indicates they’ve performed better than expected. It may seem a little difficult for you at first. But once you understand it, it’s as simple as pie.

Each golf player should understand the par in golf and try to score a birdie in golf or more.

It will help them determine how many strokes over or under average they need to take to achieve certain objectives, such as making birdies, shooting par, or scoring an eagle. Moreover, it’s crucial to comprehend what birdie means in golf scoring terms.

Do you want to keep track of yourself? You must be careful to figure out your personal golfing par before you start. It is because it will let you know how much above average a birdie is if you’re fortunate enough to make one during your golf round.

Scoring A Birdie

Let’s discuss the right tricks for scoring a birdie:

  • You must position yourself favorably. It can help you make longer and straighter shots. Moreover, it will simplify the course.
  • You can maximize your ability by using golf clubs. They will let you control your power and keep you in complete control.
  • Don’t miss putts on the ground. When you miss them on the green, you cannot win the golf round. Therefore, it is crucial to select the right club for your golf game to ensure that every shot counts and use it when putting.
  • Treat other golf players with respect. When playing partners are taking their shots, you should be quiet. All the players must be respectful to others when playing golf. It is also essential for viewers.
  • Above all, enjoy yourself. It is crucial that everyone has a good time on the golf outing. It is because that’s what it’s all about. There can be no disputing or complaining in this case.

It Is Hard To Score Birdies In Golf

It can be the more widely used golf terminology. It is uncommon to make a birdie in golf on a golf course. A birdie is an excellent score. Many mid-handicappers or even high handicappers are not able to score a birdie. When a golfer gets one, it is an important cause for celebration.

According to PGA tour statistics, the best professional golf players make an average of five birdies every golf round. It should give golfers some idea of how difficult it is to score a birdie. The par-5 holes are where professional golf players make the majority of their birdies.

Today’s professional golf players can easily reach a par-5 in two shots. It is because of the distance they can smash the golf ball. Hence, it gives them two more opportunities to add a birdie to their scorecard.

The most birdies ever made in a single golf round is 13.

  • Chip Beck shot 59 birdies in 1991
  • Adam Hadwin shot 59 in 2017

These scores currently hold the record. Additionally, nine consecutive birdies during a single golf round are a world record. Until January 15th, 2020, only nine golf players had ever accomplished this. 

Random Facts About The Birdie

The following are random facts that you should know about a birdie:

  • When a golf player scores two under par on a particular hole, the term “double birdie” may be used. However, “Eagle” is the more acknowledged and commonly used term for this score.
  • The phrase “birdie putt” refers to a putt that, if successful, would result in a score of one under par for that specific golf hole.
  • A golfer can win a “gross birdie” by simply taking one less shot than the hole’s par.
  • A “net birdie” is a birdie that a golfer only gets after subtracting his handicap allowance from the final score.
  • It’s customary for a golfer to circle a birdie score once he’s recorded it on the scorecard. If a golf player hits three shots on a par-4, he would circle “3” on the scorecard.

Do you know how the chances of scoring a birdie in golf can be increased?

The following are important facts:

  • When you have great playing partners who can make it simple for everyone involved
  • When you are fortunate enough to not have too many difficult shots where things could go wrong
  • When you hit an amazing shot when it counts the most

These are some of the many different factors that go into making a birdie in golf. It’s usually a combination of many factors, including, skill level and strategy. They contribute to someone scoring far above average.

Hopefully, you have found your answer to “What is Birdie in golf”.


We have answered the query, “What is a birdie in golf?” Now, you understand the significance of a golf birdie. You may have also understood how challenging it can be to score even a single birdie.

When you put the golf game into perspective and realize that it is difficult regardless of how skilled a golfer you are will help you understand why even the tour pros score a birdie so little.

Regardless of your skill level, practice is still necessary for scoring a birdie. For scores of 80, 90, or 100 in golf, a birdie is not necessary. With consistent practice, you can achieve the goal of scoring a birdie in golf. If you love playing golf, you should learn the basic rules of golf.

Frequently Asked Questions

We shall examine the definitions of the terms in order to understand why a par is not preferable to a birdie. A par is the minimum score that a professional golf player should achieve when playing. A birdie, on the other hand, is when you need fewer strokes than par.

You can call them “Four consecutive birdies.” It is because there is no precise phrase for four consecutive birdies. It only occurs in exceptional circumstances because it is challenging to even get a single birdie. 

An eagle is better than a single birdie because it occurs when you make two consecutive birdies. Another possible score is a Double Eagle. It equals a score of 3-under par.

Professional golf players on the PGA tour may have an average of about 10 minutes per hole. For an 18-hole golf round, it may work out to about 3-4.5 hours on average.

However, there are new policy adjustments in 2021 announced by PGA. It cites the pace as the primary determinant in golf games for the majority of golf players.

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